Proemio Wines

Proemio – Prologue – in old Medieval Spanish, stands for kick- start or first page. This is indeed the beginning of the winery’s story. In 2001, Marcelo Bocardo, third generation winemaker and the descendant of a traditional Italian immigrant family founded Proemio with the goal of producing high quality wines that truly represent his ancestors’ passion for viticulture and a legacy for the generations to come.



Proemio Wines stands out for the terroir character and elegance. These singularities are achieved by using grapes from leading Mendoza regions, some of them being centennial.



Under our terroir hunting programme we select the best of Mendoza. Our three vineyards are located in the most recognized wine regions in Mendoza: Maipú, Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley at altitudes ranging between 2,300 and 4,000 ft asl. At these elevations, there is a significant fluctuation between daytime and nighttime temperatures resulting in grapes with higher concentration of color, aromas and flavors.
These regions´ stony and sandy soils offer excellent drainage during the summer season. The lack of organic materials with limited rainfall and prevailing winds result in high quality, healthy grapes. Furthermore, the water that irrigates the estates is sourced from the pure and clean melted snow water from the Andes Mountains.