Cabernet Sauvignon


100% Cabernet Sauvignon.


Rusell, Maipú (2,360 ft asl); Tupungato, Uco Valley (3,900 ft asl) - Mendoza

Vines Age

30 years.


12 months in French oak barrels.


5 years.


60 ºF/64 ºF

Tasting Notes

Ruby- red wine, with good aromatic intensity, and touches of pepper and roasted red pepper, with some paprika or dry pepper, followed by a sweetness given by the red and black fruits. The vanilla aroma blends with the wooden notes and are fully integrated ageing in French oak barrels. A great structure in the mouth is a key feature of this year's vintage. Tannins are well condensed with anthocyanins, adding red hues, and resulting in a roundness and softness in which the typical structure of Cabernet prevails. Valle de Uco produces this varietal with notable structure, which makes it suitable for long- term storage. The body of this wine makes it an ideal match for semi- hard or aged cheeses, or important and complex dishes of spiced red meat or pastas.